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On break

Nichya: Chapter 66, Part 2

Title: Nichya (No One's)
Pairing: Alex/Olivia; Serena/Casey
Fandom: Law and Order SVU
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Dick Wolf and NBC (except for the few I created).
Author's Notes: Olivia's look is from first season SVU; Alex's look is without the bangs. Nichya is Russian for "No One's."
Summary: Alternate Universe (A/U)--Sequel to "Fear Is the Enemy." Alex and Olivia are truly no one's but each other's, and they vow to let nothing tear them apart. But how long can they keep their relationship from their parents? What happens when unexpected obstacles are thrown into their path?

Alex got on the jet ski and Olivia climbed on behind her, wrapping her arms snugly around her waist.  “This reminds me of when we went snowmobiling,” she reminisced.


Alex smiled at the memory.  “Yeah.  We had so much fun up at the cabin.”  She inserted the engine shut off clip and then started the engine.


“I kinda feel like the Lone Ranger over here,” Kim joked as she started hers, too.


Casey laughed.  “Oh, don’t feel bad!  Just think of yourself as lucky for getting one all to yourself!”


“Ready to ride, babe?” Alex asked, giving her a confident smile over her shoulder.


“You bet!” Olivia replied.


Guiding the jet ski smoothly over the waves, Alex felt a rush of adrenaline pumping through her as the cool water sprayed over her and Olivia.  Soaked strands of hair whipped around her face as the salty ocean breeze caressed her skin.  Feeling bold, she upped the speed.  She could feel Olivia’s strong arms tighten around her. 


“Sweetie, you’re practically a pro!” Olivia shouted over the noise of the engine.  She felt incredibly free and powerful in the huge expanse of the water.  The scenery in the distance zipped past them, all the colors fusing together in one big blur. 


Laughing, Alex shouted back, “Careful!  I hear flattery adds ten pounds!”


Kim, Casey and Serena weren’t too far from them.  “Way to show off, Miss Cabot!” Serena yelled playfully.


Alex changed directions and commanded the jet ski effortlessly around the curve.  The bright sun projected its rays over the water.  Part of her wished she could just ride off into the sunset with Olivia and never look back.  As she straightened up their path, they both screamed with exhilaration when the powerful watercraft bumped off the face of another wave and they went flying several feet before splashing down again.


After another 45 minutes, she led them back to the shore and cut the engine.  “Wow!” Olivia exclaimed, getting off.  “That was phenomenal!”


Alex grinned.  “I couldn’t agree more.”


A couple minutes later, the rest of them pulled up beside them.  “I totally could do this every single day!” Kim gushed.


“Oh, me, too!” Serena agreed.  “I think I still have butterflies.”


“From me or the water?” Casey asked, grinning and putting her arm around her waist.


Serena laughed.  “Both, baby.”


Olivia wrapped a towel around Alex’s shoulders.  “I can’t remember the last time I felt so invigorated.”


Alex gave a sly smile.  “So last night doesn’t ring any bells?”


Olivia grinned and waggled her eyebrows.  “I dunno, sweetie.  I may need a refresher course.”


Alex drummed her fingers down Olivia’s spine and smiled satisfactorily at the involuntary shiver her motions produced.  “If you’re good, you’ll get just that.”


Casey smirked.  “Something tells me she’ll still get it even if she’s bad.”


Serena and Kim laughed.  “She’ll possibly even get it harder if she’s bad,” Serena chipped in.


“I think she’ll appreciate that more,” Kim remarked, drying her hair.


Olivia shifted her eyes skyward and pondered, “Hmm…decisions, decisions!”


Alex shook her head and rolled her eyes.  “Oh, you guys.  So predictable.  The only decision we need to be making right now is what to get for the bonfire.”


“Ooh, corn on the cob is always good!” Kim suggested.


“And baked potatoes!” Serena added.


“Quick!  We must hurry to the Tweety-mobile to gather our food and supplies!” Casey teased.


Everyone laughed but Alex.  “You’re lucky I’m not making you hitchhike home,” she informed her as they started walking.


Casey pretended to be offended.  “Aww, but then who would poke fun at you about Tweety?”


“That’s a pleasure I could surely do without,” Alex replied sarcastically.


after all this time... i'm commenting...

accidentally found this story ages ago and fell in love... i read it a few times before... saved it as a favorite and i think this is the 4th or 5th time in as many months that i've read this story and i must say... i absolutely love it! i hope so see more of it!!!

Re: after all this time... i'm commenting...

Wow, thanks so much for such a kind review! I'm glad that you like it enough to read it multiple times. :D It definitely makes me want to keep going!
yes yes update. am glad you are back. can't wait for next part. wonder what alex's dad all about. please update soon
Thanks! Glad to be back.



great update glad to see you writing again

Re: hooray

Thank you! :)
You're back!!! I can't believe I've been reading this fic for years now. It's wonderful and this chapter was no different. I was thrilled to see you develop and integrate Kim more. Excellent! Squeeee!!! You're back! LOL
Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you've been around since the beginning and have been supporting me all this time!

And yeah, Kim was definitely fun to write haha.


I hope you revisit this story one day :-). So many questions left unanswered
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