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Alex and Olivia~All My Love [made by me]

The Course of True Love: Chapter 45, Part 2

Title: The Course of True Love
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Fandom: Conviction/Law and Order SVU
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Dick Wolf and NBC (except for the few I created).
Author's Notes: This story is meant to fill in the gaps for what wasn't shown on Conviction but very well could have happened; however, it begins before Conviction premiered in 2006 and will end after the finale.
Summary: Alex has returned to New York City and been promoted to Bureau Chief. Will she keep her promises to Olivia or will she decide that her career is more important?

“I wasn’t sure you were coming back tonight,” Robert commented.  He tried to pass it off as a joke, but Alex could detect the annoyance in his voice.  “I almost told our waiter to take the main courses back.”

She rolled her eyes.  “I’m not in the mood for this, Robert.”


Robert put down his fork and sighed.  “I just wish you’d open up to me about this stuff.”


Alex rubbed her temples with one hand.  “Robert, please.”


“I’m not trying to upset you, sweetheart.  I love you and it just hurts to know that you allow your friends into a part of your life that you shut me out of.”


Alex sighed.  “Liv was there when I was shot.”  She refused to discuss it with him any further.  “Now can we please just get back to our meal?”


Flashing a smile, Robert reached across the table to rub her hand with his thumb.  “You got it, dear.”


Several minutes into their meal, one of the investment bankers at Neumann-Riggs came up to Robert and slapped him lightly on the back.  Shelton!  Making quite a good impression both on and off Wall Street, huh?” 


Robert turned around and grinned as he gave him a hearty handshake.  “Well, if it isn’t Bradley Hayes!” 


Bradley went over to exchange kisses on the cheek with Alex before returning to Robert’s side.  “How are you two tonight?”


Robert chuckled and answered, “We’re great.”


Alex was a little irked that he had answered for her, but she just decided to ignore it.  After all, she had enough on her mind.  She just smiled politely at Bradley and asked, “How have you been?”


“Excellent.  Keeping Robert on his toes?”


Alex laughed.  “I try.”


“Almost done with that merger model you’ve been working on?” Robert asked.


“Pretty much.  I need to look over it once more before I run my analysis by my associate, and then hopefully I can be in bed before 3 AM.”


“Hey now, you know money never sleeps,” Robert commented.


As Robert continued to talk to his colleague, Alex couldn’t stop herself from looking over at Olivia and Zoe’s table.  She saw Olivia throwing her head back in laughter at something Zoe said and her envy only deepened.  It wasn’t that long ago that Olivia had done the same with her.


When Olivia stopped laughing and turned her head, she saw Alex gazing at her.  Their eyes locked in a moment of longing and regret as time seemed to stand still.  Will fate always keep bringing us together and then ripping us apart again? she wondered.  She didn’t know how much longer they would be lost in this dance with each other.


Before she became rapt any longer by the sea of Alex’s deep blue, Olivia tore her eyes away and focused on Zoe again.


Zoe had seen the gaze she and Alex exchanged.  “You guys ok?”


Olivia could see that Zoe felt awkward.  So with a tight smile she just answered, “Peachy.”  Luckily, their waiter arrived to place their dessert courses on the table and that was the end of it.


Or so she thought.




Jim walked into Alex’s office the next day and said, “Hey, do me a favor.”  Alex turned to him.  He continued, “Let me know if we’re gonna have separate policies on drug cases depending upon how much money they have.”


Smirking, she replied, “What are you talking about?”


Looking at the file, Jim read, “Luke Taylor…pled out to two years probation.”


Her smirk spreading, Alex informed him, “That was Desmond’s call.  I backed it.”  She walked over to her desk.


“I thought we weren’t breaking down drug cases.”


“Five grams of coke, no priors, no intent to distribute, do we really even need to have this talk?” Alex shot back.


With a dismissive wave of his hand and a tone dripping with sarcasm, Jim responded, “Fine.  If we’re gonna make deals, just let me know.”  He started to leave Alex’s office.


As if last night’s events weren’t enough, now Alex had to contend with Jim once again challenging how she ran her bureau.  She was not in the mood to deal with his petulance today and was not going to take it.  “All this hand-wringing over a minor drug bust and meanwhile a mother who kills her kid just walks out the door,” she retorted, gesturing toward the door.


Jim turned back around.  “Please.  You-you’re gonna turn this around on me?”


“Did you even read this girl’s diary, Jim?” Alex said, pointing to it and then picking it up.  She opened it and said, “Right here.  ‘Today my mom told me we weren’t going shopping for new school clothes because she didn’t think I would ever be able to use them.’”


Jim interrupted, “What’s your point, Alex?”


Glaring at him, she responded, “My point, Jim, is that sometimes you have to push the envelope—even if you lose.”


“We prosecute on the basis of fact.”


With a sardonic laugh, Alex stepped around her desk to confront him and exclaimed, “Larceny?  Child endangerment?  God forbid you take a stand!”


“I’ll share that with the assistants—the importance of grandstanding,” he retorted, leaving her office. 


Muttering a slur towards him under her breath, she shot him one final glare and then returned to her spot behind her desk.  She knew that the charges Jim had proposed to Christina were insulting and inappropriate to the case at hand and that if anyone was going to get justice for the little girl, she would have to take charge of the case herself. 


Knocking on Christina’s door, she said, “Christina, can you pull that case you found for the Copeland investigation?”


Christina replied, “Oh…yeah.  Jim didn’t think it applied.”


“Well, I would like to take a look at it.  And call the defense and see if the mother will testify in front of the grand jury—as soon as possible.”  With a supportive smile, she added, “I would like for you to be there.”


With a big smile and nod, Christina responded, “You got it.”  Alex nodded and walked off.  Christina felt thankful and victorious that even though Jim hadn’t believed in her, Alex did.




After Alex had ripped the mother apart during the grand jury proceedings, she, Christina, the mother and her lawyer all met in the conference room.  “The grand jury will return an indictment on manslaughter in less than an hour,” Christina said, standing in front of the window.  Alex leaned back comfortably in her chair across from Robert Schwartz.


“Who are we kidding here?” Robert asked.  “You can bully your way to an indictment but you’ll never get a conviction.”


“Oh, you haven’t seen me in action, Rob, I’m good!” Alex announced brazenly, springing forward and challenging him with a smug, daunting grin as she crossed her arms on the table.  “They didn’t make me Bureau Chief for nothing, you know what I mean?”  She threw a glance at the mother before turning back to Robert and continuing, “I’m going to be trying this one myself.  And I’m going to use every resource available to this office to make sure this twisted, heartless wretch” – she glared at the mother – “goes down for man two.”  She returned her cold, steely gaze to Robert.


Afraid that Alex would make her threats a harsh reality for his client, Robert tried to bargain, “Child endangerment.  One year probation.”


“Get out,” Alex demanded, jerking her head toward the door.  Robert looked at her in disbelief while Victoria looked scared out of her wits.  “I’m serious!  Get the hell out!”


The mother and her lawyer stood up.  Victoria insisted, “I loved my daughter—very much.  No matter what you think.”


Alex looked up at her with a smirk.  “Tell that to the jury.  I’m sure they’ll be moved,” she stated sarcastically.  She leaned back in her chair satisfactorily as they exited the room.


“You really think we can prove manslaughter at trial?” Christina asked.


Alex shook her head.  “Not a shot in hell.”  But true to her nature, she had been determined not to show anything less than confidence that they would.  After all, she knew that you could never let them see you sweat.  With a silent snort, she got up from the table and prepared to leave.


As they walked down the hall together, Christina wondered, “So…if we can’t win at trial and we won’t consider a plea—”


“We wait,” Alex stated matter-of-factly, throwing up a hand and glancing at her.


“How long?”


Looking at her again, Alex asked, “Do you date much, Christina?”


“Huh?” Christina asked in confusion.


“The phone will ring,” Alex clarified.  She gave her one last glance and added, “Trust me.”  She continued into her office without breaking her step.


“Right.  Got it,” Christina said.


Sure enough, it did just that.  Several minutes later, Christina knocked on Alex’s doorframe.  Alex stopped writing and looked up.  “Robert Schwartz just called me,” Christina announced.  “They’re willing to plead to negligent homicide and take three to six.”


Alex instructed, “Make it 4 to 12.”


With a smile and a nod, Christina said, “Great.”  She turned to leave.


“Oh, Christina?”  Christina turned back toward her.  Giving her an encouraging smile, she said, “I appreciate all your hard work.”


Christina couldn’t have been happier to hear it.  It gave her newfound confidence since she’d much rather have Alex’s approval than Jim’s.  With a grin and thankful nod, she told her, “Good night.”


Alex’s smile widened.  “Good night,” she responded softly.


Alex was pleased with how things had turned out.  Ashley Copeland would get justice and that’s really all that mattered.  She had scared them into taking a plea, insuring that the mother would serve time for faking her daughter’s cancer and driving her to suicide.


Now if only the pieces of her personal life would fall so smoothly into place…


Love it. I'm wondering how long it will be before Robert finally realises that his fiancée is a huge homo?
Thanks! LMAO, we'll see...
Thank you!

Oh, it gets worse on the actual show, which unfortunately will be in the next chapter since I'm following canon. So if you're put off now, you will want to rip your hair out if you ever get around to actually watching the show. At least you only have to read about things in my story haha. It's a little more annoying when you see it on TV or your computer screen right in front of you with NO feasible explanation on the show whatsoever, which was why I wrote the story in the first place.

Since the majority of people watching were Cabot fans from SVU (at least until they thought her character was ruined beyond repair), I guess they assumed that we all knew Alex's history and could automatically conclude PTSD from it to explain her erratic, out-of-character behavior at times. However, it irked me that they threw her into these types of scenarios without even bothering to explain or mention anything about her past or history with SVU. Bad move on their part.
So happy to see you continuing the story. It's such a nice distraction from the lack of Alex on SVU.
Thank you! I miss Alex!
love the update. hope they get together soon

Hahaha, me too.


I thought for sure that the scene at the restaurant was going to be a complete disaster but it was perfect. Way to show mercy....and way to show Robert something that he files away in his memory banks. I just hope THAT doesn't become a disaster somewhere down the road. So glad to see an update. I really like this story, Alex's naive aspirations notwithstanding.

Re: Phewwww

Haha, yeah, I had originally written ahead (2 or 3 years ago) to have it be a disaster, but I think with all the other angst I've done that it didn't really fit now with where I'm going. I didn't want it to be drama every chapter because if you've seen Conviction, you can guess that the drama will create itself farther on. So I changed things to be much softer and without the fighting.

It's funny because I wrote several parts of this story back in 2007 and it was only intended to be around 12 chapters. I keep a master file where I write all the chapters and the original parts were pushed down to the very end. So when I go back and reread things, it's interesting to determine what parts I still plan on keeping/adapting or laughing because there's no way I'd write them in now.

Thanks for your compliments on the story!

Re: Phewwww

The compliments are deserved. And thank you for the lack of 'neurotic disasters'. lol

I may be on thin ice here but I'll tell you exactly why I like your story so much. It is similar to A Woman Undone which I spent untold hours salivating over only to grow extremely tired of the psychotic on and off again and then become completely disgusted with the ending which seemed to me to be nothing more than a hasty ending to something the author had grown tired of at best, or deliberate cruelty to the fandom at worst.
Your story has it's share of on and off again but it's a 'cut above' and the 'on again' is oh so sweet. Just my two cents worth. Very glad to see someone sustain the same story over such a long period of time. Not intending to be greedy, but I'm curious about your long range plans for Nichya. I can easily see how continuing and ending that one could be be very complicated.

Staying tuned til the end,

Re: Phewwww

Well, I hope this doesn't ruin things for you, but my story WILL have a happy ending, despite the Conviction crap that will probably make you pull your hair out in the upcoming chapters.

I have this huge timeline all written out, and I definitely plan on bringing Alex and Liv back together--slowly but surely. I don't want things to seem anticlimactic by having them apart for a length of time and then wrapping it all up with a couple paragraphs at the end where they ride off into the sunset. I think the healing process, especially for Olivia, will take more than just a quick ending. Besides, a quick type of ending won't really fit with where I've taken the story.

I know I've been writing this story on and off for three years so even if I wanted to (which I don't), I wouldn't write an unhappy ending because I don't think it's fair to the people who have stuck with me through it all. I know my story is very angsty and there needs to be a payoff--one that people feel is worth it. To be honest, if it wasn't for Conviction canon, this story would be done by now.

As for Nichya, I don't plan on ending it anytime soon. I mean, I thought about getting them through the school year and the summer and ending it, but as you said, it would be complicated--especially considering the fact that they are still in high school. So I may wait until after they finish senior year and then end it, but then again, by that time it might be 2 more sequels and 100 more chapters knowing me HAHAHA. My friend Kasie and a few others wanted me to do a college version, but I don't know how long it will be if/when I can get to it. I guess only time will tell.

Nichya is one of those stories that if I'm down, I'll read it and laugh to cheer myself up. I know that even the angsty parts of it will quickly be resolved and happiness is on the horizon. But with Course the angst is much more layered and in-depth and let's just say I don't go to it for a pick-me-up, lol. It's definitely a challenge to write it at times because of course I have to go back and reread certain chapters to make sure I'm staying on track and if you're not in the best spirits, it can be emotionally taxing. However, contrary to that statement, sometimes the parts that are emotionally taxing are easier for me to write. It can be a challenge because you're trying to still keep the story A/O in terms of their interactions but you're following canon that prevents you from going at the pace you wish and having the type of interaction you wish without throwing you into on-again/off-again syndrome.

Re: Phewwww

No it doesn't spoil anything. Most of the fan fic ends happily anyway and if one doesn't, I have finally accepted the fact that I will find a happy one tomorrow. That being said, the exceptional ones, the ones that crawl into your soul, like yours, really need a happy ending to keep us all from going insane and throwing things. I would grant a grudging exception to that statement only to Connecticut McPhee's, Obscured By Darkness, much as I hate to say it.

I'm happy to hear you have a planned storyline for Course. That indicates you have some idea of how you want the story to run and are dedicated to finishing. I would think that would keep it from becoming a 10 year saga........... in real time. LOL Slow and steady stories spread out over a long time period beat jarring, sudden, unexplained abandonment any day.

I have passed Ghost in my Netlfix SVU viewing so now I can watch Conviction and join the majority in becoming disgusted that it exists and happy that it only lasted for 13 episodes, the tragedy of not seeing S. March regularly on TV notwithstanding.

Yep, Nichya is a different animal. High school is like that, less layered and not as in-depth. I think it's a function of maturity. But it does make it more fun to read. My favorite moment, besides all the lovin' of course, was Olivia's reaction to Alex throwing the ring at her on the beach in her drunken insanity and Casey helping her look for it. It was so in character within the story for Olivia. I was glad you put someone 'there for her', because she ends up handling things alone entirely too often in so many stories. Her life makes her more than capable of doing it but geez, sometimes it's just nice for her to have someone to lean on so she doesn't reach a breaking point.

You could do an 'approaching the end of college and early professional years' segment using selected flashbacks to get farther into the future years but of course the characters would have to age and mature and then it would just become another Course of.... and wouldn't be as much fun to write. On the other hand it would be your idea of the years that are missing: law school, police academy, time on street patrol in uniform, path to the DA's office etc..

LOL, for several years I just showed up and read these stories, now I critique, comment on, encourage, prod and generally spout off. I'm cracking myself up but I'm having fun and making cyberfriends.

Oh gosh, I have just read this entire story over the past 3 days. I'm really enjoying it. But I like my AO happy. We need to get there again. I've never seen Conviction before so I'm hoping happytimes are soon. :) Hope you have more for us soon.
Thanks! Yes, I miss happy A/O and I will be so glad when I'm done with most of Conviction so I can get back to it. I'm skipping one or two episodes just to speed things up, but the timeframe will still remain the same in my story.

I don't want to spoil things for you since you've never seen Conviction, but just as a heads up there aren't happy times in canon for awhile.


hey this is kasie just saving Nichya on my laptop and simple motions would only let me go to chapter 65; whats wrong? let me know thanks.

Re: homestead.com

LOL, Kasie, I've been slacking on the updates to my website. I need to update both Course and Nichya there.

Yay! Update

It's taken me a while to get back and read this. As always, wonderful. Even though Conviction Alex was a surreal experience to watch and then wonder "what the hell were they thinking"... at least she was on TV. Now if they could only bring her back from fighting the cause in Africa so she could be on SVU (without making Liv's character crazy) that would be great. Love this story... but I've been telling you that for years now! ;)
Alex and Olivia~All My Love [made by me]

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